She Doesn’t Care

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funny-fart-jokes-funny-quotesHow we supposed to have the president we really want in office if they ask us to choose between a donkey and a goat.  We supposed to decide on who would be better at running the most powerful country today based on how well they talk at each other and debate and lie with strait faces?  They say if we don’t vote, than we can’t complain about whose in office, or if the country goes down the tubes.  But how do we get a good leader to even be in the running?  How does this process work? Someone tell me how we get an actual Man to run for office.  If you ask me to choose between idiot number 1 and idiot number 2 how is it my fault?   Ron Paul baby!funny cat selfieWhat does random funny pictures like this funny cat picture have to do with politics?  Nothing!  This website makes no sense!  I love it!

Random Is Funny




What’s Up Steve!

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Listening to a cool song right now, if you want to hear it too  CLICK HERE!


I hope your doing well today!  Let me tell you about a kid named Steve I knew.  Steve used to ride around town in a quad like it was legal.  Everyone thought he was either crazy or stupid cuz he would ride around with a huge #1 foam finger and point at everyone.  I thought it was funny cuz he pointed at cops too.  Then one day I was talking to Steve at school and he told me that when he was a lil kid he was playing Joe Montana’s Sports talk Football and he started hearing a voice.  He did a half back pass and scored a touchdown, and then a voice started coming out of all furniture believe it or not.  What a random thing to have voices come out of but he was serious, he can’t go near furniture.

Anywayz, he doesn’t know why he does the whole riding around town on a quad pointing at everyone.  He says it only happens when he takes the meds his doc gave him.

Here is another cool song… CLICK HERE


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Random Funny Baby Pictures

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Here I would like to share some random funny baby pictures I just found :)

Funny-Babies-Pictures-6 Funny-Baby-02 Funny-Baby-05 Funny-Baby-11

I hope you enjoyed them!  Babies are a blessing aren’t they.  I mean, if it ain’t your kid and you don’t have to clean poop and stay up all night they really know how to make you smile.  Just look at their faces, can you believe we were all babies once. Well most of us, I know some of you reading this may or may not be of human origin, and or even in the physical form.  That doesn’t matter, funny baby pictures make us smile.  That’s why if you check back here at Random is Funny, I will be randomly posting only the funny pictures that made me smile right away!

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I had that jacket first!

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2chains candy crushAll I want for my Birthdaaay is a 10 colored coat!

Don’t be mad cuz he’s stylin on you.  Random funny pictures and random funny videos be poppin up like angry birds around here.  In fact.. just cuz of that I’m gonna put a place to play angry birds on this site somewhere.  All cuz of this post.  It has nothin to do wit angry birds either.  That’s how we do around here.  You gotta be more spontaneous and just do.  No scratch that.. you gotta learn to just BE!  We are human BEings.. so I’ma continue in da flow, lets go.  Random is Funny

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