This is how Bill Cosby walks down the street

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I stumbled upon the likes of this random clip.  If you do not like this clip than you may want to check how much sleep you’re getting.  Irritability is a serious thing that leads to poor decisions and a poor life.  You must sleep.  Make sleeping a priority!  I don’t care if you workout or don’t, I’m sure you smoke or drink and you need lots of sleep to recover.  Then you can watch this and see that it is impossible to enjoy life and not be happy. Guess who came to dinner last night… Bill Cosby and the guy who played Theo.  Theo didn’t talk or nothing he just sat there, that’s why I don’t know his real name.  Cosby had business to talk about.  He’s not effected much by all this negative media, he wants me to drive them to a secret location without the Scientology people seeing him.  Theo is scared man, I don’t know why.  He kept mumbling the name Joe Frasier and pouring salt on the floor.  Cosby slapped him twice.  The first time was funny but the second time I had to pick Theo up.

Angry Goats attacking random people!

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This is a must see if you haven’t already!  I believe this is in Brazil, and I wouldn’t mind drinking a beer or two in these streets.  So we have some random angry goats and some scared and frustrated people.   We just had the FIFA World Cup 2014 there in Brazil, I wish they would have showed a little more of this.  Yell out goooooaaaaallll every time the goat knocks someone down!  I heard the American Music Awards was on last night.  A lot of new artists out there theses days making a lot of noise and money.  I can’t stand all these award shows, like these people need to feel even better about themselves.  Regardless, I bet the show would have been a lot more entertaining if they randomly let out angry goats on stage while people perform.  Give them a challenge you know.   The show must go on right Iggy?  Hi my name is Iggy nice to meet you.

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Random Funny Baby Pictures

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Here I would like to share some random funny baby pictures I just found :)

Funny-Babies-Pictures-6 Funny-Baby-02 Funny-Baby-05 Funny-Baby-11

I hope you enjoyed them!  Babies are a blessing aren’t they.  I mean, if it ain’t your kid and you don’t have to clean poop and stay up all night they really know how to make you smile.  Just look at their faces, can you believe we were all babies once. Well most of us, I know some of you reading this may or may not be of human origin, and or even in the physical form.  That doesn’t matter, funny baby pictures make us smile.  That’s why if you check back here at Random is Funny, I will be randomly posting only the funny pictures that made me smile right away!

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Random Zach Galifianakis Stand Up

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He fits right in over here at Random is Funny doesn’t he.  Isn’t that why you liked hangover?  Zach Galifianakis blurts out random funnies all movie and they make millions.  The guy from the office is funny too, and Bradley Cooper got all the girls to go see it, but it was the random funnies and you not knowing what’s going to happen next that makes the big bucks.  Whether they know it or not, by remaining random, you keep the attention of the viewer, because they are now conditioned to wait for whats next. The only issue with this is you have to always supply more funnies.  That is why we like experts in random funnies like Zach Galifianakis.  Another one that has been making big bucks as of late is Melissa McCarthy.  Her stock may have gone down a little, but it went way up after Bridesmaids!  Random funny experts will continue to do well in Hollywood.  I just don’t know how they handle the pressure of always supplying us with verbiage to laugh at.  That’s why they make the big bucks!

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