I had that jacket first!

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2chains candy crushAll I want for my Birthdaaay is a 10 colored coat!

Don’t be mad cuz he’s stylin on you.  Random funny pictures and random funny videos be poppin up like angry birds around here.  In fact.. just cuz of that I’m gonna put a place to play angry birds on this site somewhere.  All cuz of this post.  It has nothin to do wit angry birds either.  That’s how we do around here.  You gotta be more spontaneous and just do.  No scratch that.. you gotta learn to just BE!  We are human BEings.. so I’ma continue in da flow, lets go.  Random is Funny

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Shoot a Music Video At The Bridge

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Ya dog.. pay me 100 bucks and Ill show ya where the bridge is.  Coolest place to shoot a music video.  Thank you Roland.  You da man Roland!  Anyway.. subscribe cuz you never know whats gonna get posted and that how we like it around here!

This is How You Smash Golf Balls

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This is how you smash golf balls.  Watch the perfect form and mechanics.  Run up with confidence and send that golf ball flying for yards charlie.  Lets go to the driving range and I ll give you a few pointers.  I like the football stance the best.  That’s how you really know you match up well next to pro golfers!

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