What a Wonderful Prank Call!

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We all need to hear a prank call here and there.  Well here, is where you’ll find great prank calls!  There, is where you won’t find anything but an empty bottle of not funny!  Keep checking back here cuz ya never know whats gonna pop up and be posted next.  Soon this site will be covered in content of funny pics, funny videos, and random who knows what?  Randomness has infinite potential.  Have you reached full potential?  Don’t worry, no one has except Dennis Rodman.. thats it!

Randomness is Funny!

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And so it begins, the journey of having a website blast into infinity with heavy traffic by random postings!  It could be funny pics, videos, music, random thoughts, serious topics (hardly ever), or just whatever.  Sometimes things will not seem like they make no sense, but hear me now… we live in an ordered universe intelligently designed where all things serve a purpose, henceforth the reason why…. RANDOM IS FUNNY!