Angry Goats attacking random people!

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This is a must see if you haven’t already!  I believe this is in Brazil, and I wouldn’t mind drinking a beer or two in these streets.  So we have some random angry goats and some scared and frustrated people.   We just had the FIFA World Cup 2014 there in Brazil, I wish they would have showed a little more of this.  Yell out goooooaaaaallll every time the goat knocks someone down!  I heard the American Music Awards was on last night.  A lot of new artists out there theses days making a lot of noise and money.  I can’t stand all these award shows, like these people need to feel even better about themselves.  Regardless, I bet the show would have been a lot more entertaining if they randomly let out angry goats on stage while people perform.  Give them a challenge you know.   The show must go on right Iggy?  Hi my name is Iggy nice to meet you.

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