This is how Bill Cosby walks down the street

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I stumbled upon the likes of this random clip.  If you do not like this clip than you may want to check how much sleep you’re getting.  Irritability is a serious thing that leads to poor decisions and a poor life.  You must sleep.  Make sleeping a priority!  I don’t care if you workout or don’t, I’m sure you smoke or drink and you need lots of sleep to recover.  Then you can watch this and see that it is impossible to enjoy life and not be happy. Guess who came to dinner last night… Bill Cosby and the guy who played Theo.  Theo didn’t talk or nothing he just sat there, that’s why I don’t know his real name.  Cosby had business to talk about.  He’s not effected much by all this negative media, he wants me to drive them to a secret location without the Scientology people seeing him.  Theo is scared man, I don’t know why.  He kept mumbling the name Joe Frasier and pouring salt on the floor.  Cosby slapped him twice.  The first time was funny but the second time I had to pick Theo up.