German Karate Expert Knocks Out Woman

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Now before you start getting all mad at me for showing this prank gone wrong, first ask yourself why those guys were just standing there after they clearly had enough time to comprehend what just happened.  Not one of those guys gave a meatloaf about that lady on the floor.   My theory is that this guy did his little karate pump after he realized he hit a girl, acted confused, and expected the other guys to know what the heck to do.  Those guys should be put on trial because they weren’t the ones woken up by an air horn close enough to the ear to make ya deaf!  She obviously stuck it too close to his ear and in return got sent instantly to LA LA Land.  I bet she had a dream about a prank fail video going viral. They knew what was going on and after that pretty girl went night night, they went all stupid.  I’m going to post another video of pranksters getting knocked out and I’m going to pretend that its those guys getting smashed.

Now that’s more like it!  Keep checking back here at for only the Lord knows what!!