Where’s my Grandson??

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My friends Grandmother would always throw raisins at us when we were playing baseball in little league.  When our team was in the dug out she would peg us with raisins and grapes.  Whenever we looked at her she would pick her nose and pretend to talk to someone who wasn’t there.  It embarrassed the heck out of my buddy.   I thought it was hilarious, but then again she was not my grandma!  He said sometimes at home she goes around the dinner table putting her wig on everyone and changing up her voice pretending to talk as different people.  He say’s she’s not crazy she just amusing herself.   She always tells the same story about how she had sex with Benny Hill.  How’d you like the funny grandma prank call?

Angry Goats attacking random people!

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This is a must see if you haven’t already!  I believe this is in Brazil, and I wouldn’t mind drinking a beer or two in these streets.  So we have some random angry goats and some scared and frustrated people.   We just had the FIFA World Cup 2014 there in Brazil, I wish they would have showed a little more of this.  Yell out goooooaaaaallll every time the goat knocks someone down!  I heard the American Music Awards was on last night.  A lot of new artists out there theses days making a lot of noise and money.  I can’t stand all these award shows, like these people need to feel even better about themselves.  Regardless, I bet the show would have been a lot more entertaining if they randomly let out angry goats on stage while people perform.  Give them a challenge you know.   The show must go on right Iggy?  Hi my name is Iggy nice to meet you.

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