What’s Up Steve!

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Listening to a cool song right now, if you want to hear it too  CLICK HERE!


I hope your doing well today!  Let me tell you about a kid named Steve I knew.  Steve used to ride around town in a quad like it was legal.  Everyone thought he was either crazy or stupid cuz he would ride around with a huge #1 foam finger and point at everyone.  I thought it was funny cuz he pointed at cops too.  Then one day I was talking to Steve at school and he told me that when he was a lil kid he was playing Joe Montana’s Sports talk Football and he started hearing a voice.  He did a half back pass and scored a touchdown, and then a voice started coming out of all furniture believe it or not.  What a random thing to have voices come out of but he was serious, he can’t go near furniture.

Anywayz, he doesn’t know why he does the whole riding around town on a quad pointing at everyone.  He says it only happens when he takes the meds his doc gave him.

Here is another cool song… CLICK HERE


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